How 20+ Ecom Businesses
Generate Over $1M Profitably And x10 Their Traffic
Consistently Month-Over-Month.

What You Will Learn:

🔸The 5-pillar strategy eCommerce brands are using to get predictable traffic that converts into orders and new customers.

🔸How to stop relying on Facebook, Google and other ad platforms to drive profit by leveraging FREE, Organic traffic THAT CONVERTS.

🔸How the top 1% Ecom brands rank above competitors.

20+ Brands In 1 Year And Counting


My Pharmacist: 500K€ MRR → 1.2M€ MRR in 11 months

Project Brief:

Gerasimos is the founder of Mypharmacist, an online pharmacy (retailer), selling more than 30K different products. 

After changing their website twice, he had made good enough money (around 500,000€ per month) and spent a few years developing a rock-solid brand.

He started working with us, and within the first 3.5 months, we’ve seen the first results. The traffic grew from 2,580 daily visitors to 7,834 visitors. 

The results were staggering, within 11 months we doubled the monthly business revenue. Gerasimos now has over 30,000 monthly orders and is continuing to scale his business.

He also decreased the spend on paid advertising, as 80% of the orders are coming from the organic channel. 

We’re excited for the massive growth his brand has achieved and we’re looking forward to growing it even further.



Anna has been our valuable partner in recent years and the level of services she offers us is very high. She and her team handle everything related to SEO, which is the most important channel of our traffic and sales. Through the hard work in branding and user acquisition, we have reached to be the first Online pharmacy among 400 eshops for the last few years,  but also the most recognizable by consumers.


Cosmetics Brand: From 144K to 490K monthly unique visitors in 50 days. + 20% Increase in Sales in 2 months.

Project Brief:

In June 2020, Anna received an interesting request from Daniela, Marketing Director, of a well-known Cosmetics brand.  

They needed her advice, as they didn’t grow organically anymore, even though they invested in related marketing activities. 

We did an extensive content audit and deleted 55% of the posts on their blog. So, did organic fall by 55%?! No, not at all.

1.5 month later, after deleting 230 blog posts, blog’s traffic increased from 144K to 490K monthly unique visits. That’s 240.35% more traffic , in 50 days with the ⅓ of the content. 

In parallel, with the traffic increase, we keep working on the entire traffic funnel, and after 2 months in total, we’ve seen that sales also have increased by 20%. 


The Search Magic team is masters! They rapidly built our organic rankings for hundreds of keywords to ensure that we had a sustainable and long-term acquisition channel for our eshop. The team is dedicated to achieving our goals and is always quick to respond. They don’t waste time on unnecessary stuff; instead, they get right to work. The knowledge provided by the Search Magic team is valuable to our business at all levels.

Daniella, Global Marketing Manager


Kidly: $86,000→ $1.5M.
From 3K → 55K Visitors in 2 months.

Project Brief:

James is the founder of Kidly, a London based fashion brand that offers high-quality and cool clothing for children. 

After making over 5-figures in sales strictly through paid advertising, he knew that organic traffic would be the next best step. He simply just didn’t know how to do it.

We quickly mapped out a concrete SEO strategy, based on Kidly historic data and the results produced were almost unbelievable. 

We were able to 18x his online business through the strategic acquisition of website assets. 

His brand now does 7-Figures annually in revenue and we’re looking forward to growing it even further.


A well-balanced approach to SEO that gets results. The team is highly motivated and provides a lot of value every month. From site audits to monitoring suspicious activity to link building and content creation, this is a balanced approach to SEO. Best of all, they get results.

James, Founder & CEO of Kidly


Value The Markets: From 40K monthly visitors to 98K in 100 days

Project Brief:

Grant & Iaian are the Founders of Digitonic, one of the most successful mobile marketing agencies in the United Kingdom, as they have increased the company’s revenue by over 150% from £3m to £8m in 1 year.

They recently acquired a news website, focused in the investing sector in USA, called Value The Markets. The site was very poor in terms of technical stuff and has very low traffic, when we started working together. 

We’ve put together the initial strategy , in order to get the fundamentals in place. We make a detailed content and technical audit and conduct a content strategy.  

We multiplied the content production x3 and included in our initial keyword research, keyword trends especially in the USA, focused on investing news and investing education. We’ve also created power pages that helped to increase users’ engagement.

After 4 months of hard work, the results were extreme. We’ve managed to get the website from 40K montlhy users to 98K users. 


Having a partner with extensive SEO knowledge has played an important role in the rapid online growth of our company. The advanced and tailored-made audit and overall strategic approach is still driving the performance of search engines to this day.