Cosmetics Brand: From 144K to 490K monthly unique visitors in 50 days. + 20% Increase in Sales in 2 months.

In June 2020, we received an interesting request from Daniela, the Marketing Director of a well-known Cosmetics brand.

They needed our advice, as they couldn’t grow organically anymore, even though they invested in related marketing activities.

We performed an extensive content audit and deleted 55% of the posts on their blog. So, did organic fall by 55%?! No, not at all.

50 days later, after deleting 230 blog posts, the blog’s traffic increased from 144K to 490K monthly unique visits. That’s 240.35% more traffic with ⅓ of the content.

In parallel, we built the entire traffic funnel, and after two months in total, we had a 20% increase in sales

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