My Pharmacist:
From 2500 users/day to 20000 users/day in 11 months

Gerasimos is the founder of Mypharmacist, an online pharmacy (retailer), selling more than 30K different products.

After changing their website twice, he had made good enough money and spent a few years developing a rock-solid brand.

He started working with us, and within the first 3.5 months, we’ve seen the first results. The traffic grew from 2,580 daily visitors to 7,834 visitors.

The results were staggering, within 11 months we doubled the monthly business revenue. Gerasimos now has over 30,000 monthly sales and is continuing to scale his business.

Today the organic traffic of the website is approx. 20000 users per day. 

We’re excited for the massive growth his brand has achieved and we’re looking forward to growing it even further.

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