240% Organic Growth with Content Audit process

This client promotes health & dietary supplements in the United Kingdom & the USA but had some significant problems (and competitors) to overcome.

The Results

The Challenge

  •   The weight loss supplements niche is one of the most competitive niches in SEO.
  • Most search results are dominated by huge established trusted brands.
  •   The site had huge thin content issues with over 50% of the websites pages having under 500 words.
  • It had major structure problems

The Solution

How to 14x Search Traffic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated.

One of the things I notice as a popular SEO blog

owner is that people are always looking for the “secret ingredient”

But truth be told:

There isn’t any “super secret” to SEO.

If you want to increase your search traffic it is as simple as-

1. Conducting an SEO audit

2. Creating content

3. Building links

That is the exact approach we used to 14x organic search traffic in today’s case study!

We took traffic from 2,732 visitors per month to 38,420 in just 8x months-

How did we do it?

Well it was simple really…

A Closer Look At The Case Study Site

This is an affiliate focused website that reviews weight loss supplements targeting the USA & United Kingdom.

Our client’s website provides a platform for users to access trustworthy, specialist reviews and decide which diet supplement is best suited for them.

The main focuses of the campaign were to-

It sounds simple when you write it out like that right?

That’s because it is!

Except one tiny detail…

The Biggest Challenge We Had To Overcome

The weight loss supplements niche is one of the most competitive niches in SEO (to say the least!)

Most search results are dominated by huge brands like Holland & Barrett-

Or massive content based sites like HealthLine-

Those are some pretty terrifying metrics.

I mean:

Just take a look at some of the top results for one of our target keywords-

If you click on the image above you’ll also see that we are up against-

And those kind of results are common across this niche.

But if you pay close attention to the green boxes in the image above…

…you’ll see an opportunity!

Because many of the top 10 results are ranking purely out of domain authority rather than individual page level metrics.

That means we have a solid chance of competing with the big boys.

And I am sure you have seen results just like that in your niche right?

Creating A Plan Of Attack

When forming your SEO strategy, there is one thing to keep in mind.

Keep It Simple!

People tend to over complicate SEO.

All we need to do in SEO is give Google what it wants and what Google wants is pretty simple.

Our strategy was broken down into 3x stages-

But of all of that is easier said than done right?

So let me show you how that translates into the real world…

What Did We Actually Do?

To help you understand our process:

I am going to step you through the core SEO strategy and precisely what we did.

The strategy was broken down into a number of pieces-

And it is the combination of these pieces that were responsible for 14x traffic in 8 months.

Often when clients come to us:

They are completely obsessed with link building.

They say things like-

“Yeah but how many links will you build per month?”

But link building is just 1x component of a complete SEO strategy.

Let me ask you this:

How many links do you think we built to 14x traffic to this site?

Just 76.

76x links to take this sites traffic from 2,732 visitors per month to 38,42


By addressing all of the moving parts of SEO rather than only focusing on the number of links we build.

(I’ll share the link building strategy with you later)

But first:

You have to get the basics right-

Step #1 – Keyword Research

The first thing we do with any new client is conduct detailed keyword research.

First we asked our client for a list of seed keywords that are important to them.

Then used the KeywordShitter tool to expand on them-

Once we pulled all the keywords from there…

…we expanded on them further with AnswerThePublic:

Once we had a large list of keywords we started to filter them down-

1. First we removed duplicate/similar terms

2. Then we mapped out topic clusters of keywords with similar topics

3. And thought about the “type” of keywords to focus on

These were the types of keyword we were looking for-

We also paid close attention to search intent when selecting our final keywords.

It’s important to avoid keywords that return different user intent than the site can satisfy.

The final spreadsheet included additional data pulled from Google Keyword Planner and our rank tracker-


There’s 1x part of keyword research people usually miss.

Whilst you’re doing keyword research, make sure to take a look at the SERPS for each one.

Pay attention to the sites that popup and make a list of common competitors.

We will be using that list to our advantage later in the case study!

Pro Tip: Quick & Easy Keyword Research

If your site has any level of existing search traffic…

…I have a great keyword research tip for you.

With this tip you’ll be able to find all of the low hanging easy to rank keywords in a couple of clicks.

Just head over to Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and paste in your domain and head to the Organic Keywords report-

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