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the magic.

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Search Magic was started with one sole mission:

To develop one of the world’s best traffic & content, result-based solutions that allow every business owner to grow their online business and generate sales & leads through quality traffic.

We are a global crew of SEO Wizards and Copywriters who have a passion for


Our method has already been tested in more than 50 businesses online, and our goal is to triple the sales of 1000 businesses and help them establish their own acquisition channel.

We believe that the right SEO strategy can make all the difference in the success of an online business. That's why our team of experts works tirelessly to develop one of the world's best traffic and content solutions.

We use data-driven approaches and the latest SEO techniques to help our clients rank higher on search engines, drive more traffic, and generate more leads.

Enjoy the magic.

Anna, the founder, started Search Magic on July 2020, and in two years, the company's revenue tripled, and the team doubled. 

In a world where authenticity leads the game, Anna and Search Magic stand by those who want to become exceptional.

Our goal is to help SMBs be visible online and make the game even by helping them compete with large companies that spend a ton of money on paid advertising. 

We understand that every business is unique and we work closely with every client to develop a customized SEO strategy that meets their specific needs and goals. 

Anna has worked with many companies around the world, helping them implement cutting-edge SEO processes.

She started working at a Marketing Agency at a very young age, only to find herself a Head of SEO at the age of 22.

Today at the age of 26, she already counts seven years of experience. 

She also has trained more than 500 professionals in SEO marketing seminars and spoke to conferences such as AdWorld , WordCamp and Brighton SEO Conference.

Whether you’re looking to increase your online visibility, drive more traffic, or improve your search engine rankings, Anna and Search Magic have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

So, if you’re ready to take your online business to the next level, contact Search Magic today. Our team is ready to help you grow your online business and achieve your goals.

Welcome to the

Search Magic world.

Meet the Wizards 

Anna Moragli

SEO Strategist and Founder of Search Magic

She loves pizza, dessert wine and travelling. She was travelling around the world for 1.5years. Her favorite place to be is in Lisbon. When she is not working, she's painting or reading a good crime book.

Stevy Liakopoulou

SEO Specialist

She takes pride in providing the best technical audits and translating business KPIs into successful SEO campaigns. Her goal is to teach SEO and implement technical audits on at least 100 websites! She wants to travel to exotic places and stay there forever too.

Elli Mouchtari

Branding Strategist & Content Creator

Loves photography, traveling and meeting new people. Lives with her two dogs. Always eager to learn something new. When she grows up she wants to be an artist.

Ioanna Liasi

Ioanna Liasi

Project Manager

Social, creative and loves to travel and discover new places. She enjoys spending time with her friends. In her free time, she loves reading chill books and listening to podcasts.

Zoi Kotsou

SEO Copywriter

Loves turning ideas + concepts into words. Passionate for new experiences & learning new things. She loves driving, reading, writing poems, book & movie reviews & of course watching Netflix!

Jenny Vovou

Jenny Vovou

Junior SEO Specialist

Absolutely smitten with this adventure called life! Enthusiastically hooked on the art of reading, captivated by the magic of films, passionate about writing and sketching the extraordinary!

Marianthi Akrivou

Executive Assistant

Loves animals, she has a dog named Mailo, she loves travelling around the world, foodblogger, favorite food is lasgna. Her favorite hobby is dancing latin and cooking. She is a senior psychology student. Loves spending time with her friends.

Maria Monastirioti

Data Analyst

Data Analyst with high interest in sales and analytics in the Digital world. She enjoys wanderlust, hiking in nature, meeting friends, concerts and photography. A dog person with a ginger cat.

We’re Passionate

but not hot-headed.

We care deeply for our work and back ourselves 100%, but never let ego get in the way.

We’re Adventurous

but not reckless.

We take calculated risks based on experience, and we’re confident in bringing results.

We’re Smart

but not arrogant.

We’re all about sharing wisdom and insights — not keeping secrets to hold over our clients.

Our non-negotiables

Be transparent

We believe in shameless transparency. While we’re sweet, we’ll never sugarcoat it. We promise to always be straight up and fiercely real

Be generous.⁠

Give value! Don't be afraid of "giving away too much". Remember, abundance always finds its way back to you 😉 ⁠

Serve yourself first.⁠

You CAN NOT serve from an empty cup. So fill your cup first, baby, then go and wow the world. ⁠

Always trust your gut.⁠

Our intuition is always right. Listen to it. ⁠

Charge for your time.⁠

Yes, we give freely, but we also know where to draw the line.⁣⁠

Search Magic world.

Our Values

In the digital age your website is your most valuable business asset. It’s the only digital asset you truly control and own and if your business is ever acquired, SEO traffic will make up a component of your valuation. For this reason, quality SEO is an investment which compounds over the long term.

01. Prioritize Results

At the end of the day, our number one focus is getting measurable results. Even the very best showmanship means nothing without a concrete way to “wow” our clients. We’re not about cheap tricks or short-lived gimmicks. We’re here for the long game and to create genuine growth.

02. Deliver a Premium Experience

Once a project begins, we take care of everything so that the client doesn’t have to. Our wide-ranging experience and expertise allow us to handle all types of challenges without creating any hassle, with regular check-ins giving clients reassurance of the progress and results we achieve.

03. Be Fearlessly Bold

We don’t limit ourselves when it comes to creative concepts and ideas that grow our clients’ rankings and brand awareness. Project limitations only fuel our inventiveness, and our imagination isn’t restricted to any box. We love to go beyond the usual expectations of SEO implementation.

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