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Ecommerce SEO is different.

Here’s why...

We’re going to be honest with you.

E-commerce SEO is hard work.

Due to the unique size & nature of ecommerce stores, a deep, technical understanding of SEO & creative approaches to link building are needed.

E-Commerce Sites Get Treated Differently

Did you know that Google has specific guidelines for quality raters when it comes to ecommerce websites? They do!

There Are Unique Technical Challenges

Ecommerce sites present a range of unique technical challenges when it comes to site structure, crawl efficiency & content.

Ecommerce Sites Have A Great Opportunity

Because ecommerce SEO is technically difficult & most sites do it wrong, a well optimised site can rank easily.

How Do We Measure Success?

Success can be defined differently for different people, but for us – success is return on investment.  There are 3x distinct areas that we measure to make sure we are delivering results for you-

Success is return on investment

Organic Traffic (Users Increase)

Our number 1 priority is to increase the amount of qualified buyer traffic that comes to your e-commerce store.

Conversion Rate

We also pay close attention to how new traffic from organic search is performing to make sure it is converting properly.

Visitor Value

But above and beyond anything else, we are here to increase your revenue because if we don’t… we lose our jobs.

Enjoy the magic.

We don’t work with everyone!

In order for us to work together you must be aware of and completely agree with three things mentioned below-

SEO Is A Long Term Strategy.

Sustainable SEO is about gaining success over time safely.  It is not an overnight strategy that gets instant results.

You Must Take SEO Seriously.

Search traffic will become one of your biggest sources of revenue and you must take it seriously to succeed.

Effective SEO Is Not Cheap.

Real SEO needs input from outreach teams, writers, developers, SEO specialists, designers & project managers. It shouldn’t be cheap.

Our focus as an agency is on clients' results.

A peak inside an SEO Program!

We value transparency and honesty, believing that the best results truly come from mutual understanding and working together. This is what happens after you’ve said “YES” to working with us.

What do you get once you hire us?

Zero-Entry Point

Dedicated Slack HelpDesk​​

Personal Project Manager​

Dedicated Google Drive ​

Bespoke Strategies​

Tangible Results

SEO is an investment

Why SEO vs Paid Ads

In the digital age your website is your most valuable business asset. It’s the only digital asset you truly control and own and if your business is ever acquired, SEO traffic will make up a component of your valuation.
For this reason, quality SEO is an investment which compounds over the long term.

SEO vs Paid Ads

Paid ads such as Google Ads may give you instant traffic but CPC’s can range up to $15 or more per click! For many businesses this is not a sustainable strategy over time, is not ROI positive, and puts a strain on other parts of the business. The worst part? When the ads stop, so does the traffic.

SEO traffic

With SEO we aim to reduce your dependency on paid traffic over time. Sure, you may still run a small Google Ads budget to compensate for gaps in your SEO, but you’ll have a significantly lower ad spend than if you were solely relying on ads to drive traffic.

Main Keyword: “liability insurance London” | 60000 monthly searches

Paid AdvertisingSEO Strategies
Cost per click: 13€ -22620€No cost, since the traffic came organically
CTR to convert: 2.5% 1740 peopleCTR: 33% (1st – 3rd position) 19800 people
43 of them may convert to paid clientCTR to convert: 2.5% 495 of them may convert to paid client



Our many years of experience in SEO, that has shaped our proprietary SEO methods.

Our expert in-house team of devoted SEOs and content writers. 

Our open policy of explaining exactly what work is being done on your project.

Our 200% result-driven approach

Our monastery focus on 1 thing: SEO

Don’t hire an SEO agency if you need instant traffic. SEO is a long term investment that compounds over time. If you would like to reduce your need for paid traffic and generate many multiples in traffic value compared to what that is worth in paid ads, it’s the right time to hire an SEO agency.

Our pricing is dependent on your project goals and timeline. Though program minimums start at $2500 / month.

Because we offer a holistic SEO approach and if we took on projects with lower budgets our hands would be tied before we started. We are committed to delivering results but we know what it takes to deliver those results and at what cost.

It is impossible to guarantee Google rankings. Stay far away from any agency who promises rankings as there are many unforeseen factors that can expedite or delay the performance of your particular site. However, most clients start to see results in the first 3 months.

There is not a single SEO or service on the planet that can give you a guarantee technically, ethically or morally.

And even though we have a solid track record of increasing people’s search traffic and sales – that doesn’t change the simple fact that we, you and every SEO on the planet is at Googles mercy.

But what we do guarantee is that-

We are honest, upfront and realistic

We are present, available and contactable

We are focused on delivering tangible results

We are fueled by data, intelligent decision and hard work

We have decades of experience & success

We are here to help you grow your business

We mostly work with Ecommerce stores, but we’ve built some custom SEO Programs for SaaS, B2B, Medical websites.

We do have some requirements around the types of clients that we work with.

You must-

  • Be an established business that has the systems in place to adequately convert search traffic
  • Take SEO seriously which means treating it as a long term strategy and integrating the advice you are paying for
  • Not condone anything morally adverse, such as gun violence, hate or crime

Our most successful clients have these 3 things in common and we are only interested in working with a business that we know we can deliver results for.

If that is you – please get in touch immediately.

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