Search Magic in e-Commerce & Digital Marketing expo 2023

Search Magic participated for the very first time in the e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Expo (ECDM), which took place on 23 & 24 of September, at Zappeion Megaron, Athens. 

Search Magic managed to be the center of attention for greek businesses and the ecommerce community. Search Magic had one of the most special booths in the whole expo, in which the “magic” of SEO was shared with the audience. The team worked hard for months in order to make a magical booth, with games, gifts and a cheerful atmosphere, so as to stand out and make the audience feel familiar.

In the booth, the audience was  interacting with the helpful and willing team, but also playing games and ejoy their visit. People who were stepping by the booth, except for discussing about SEO, were also playing games and winning gifts that Search Magic had carefully picked for them. T-shirts, bags, stickers and many more were the highlights. 

The ECDM expo is considered to be one of the largest events for e-commerce and digital marketing in Southeast Europe.

In the expo over 120 exhibitors participated, while 50 speakers took part in the conferences of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing. One of the speakers was Anna Moragli talking about “How to get your business to the next level with the power of e-commerce SEO”. The audience who came to the expo and attended the conferences was huge.

The Search Magic team had a great time having for their first time a booth in an expo and can not wait to live this experience again. The overall feedback that Search Magic got was more than positive, the people who approached the team were friendly and showed interest in the SEO facilities. Search Magic promises to provide help in the best way possible! 

Watch the video to feel a little bit of the magic that was shared those days! 🦄

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