From 0 to +3500% increase in organic traffic

Simple is a directory website in the USA for family offices. 

After a thorough content audit in the blog section, we found underperforming blog posts that needed to be killed. 

We analysed content optimisation processes and presented some ideas for content creation like guides, trends, customer reviews, and growth studies according to the business’s needs.

Then, we gave specific guidelines about the topics, structure, the intention of these pages, did research for the best keywords (SEO-wise) and proposed optional titles for blog posts.

Following the blog section, we also created FAQ pages to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Then we provided specific guidelines for internal and external links and their best practices.

Last but not least, after researching Google trends, we found trending keywords that could be used for blog posts and made proposals for extra content on specific pages. 

As a result of our SEO strategy, organic became their main user acquisition channel since we increased their organic traffic by 3500%

We created an increase in sign-ups by 250%, and today they get a steady stream of 100 sign-ups per month

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